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The climate can make a person a criminal – scientists

Климат может сделать человека преступником, - ученые Climate can affect the human psyche.

The level of violence and aggression in humans increases the closer to the equator. Scientists believe that this fact suggests that the climate affects people’s behavior. The researchers said that the warm climate only contributes to the fact that people have more time on the street, and this leads to increased probability of conflicts.

British scientists have shown that changeable weather reduces human cruelty, and increased anger and aggression inherent in those who live in hot climates.

Less than once a year changing the temperature, the more it is not predusmotrena for life. That is, the constant heat causes people to live one day, resulting in reduced self-control and increasing the level of violence. Cold weather also affects the mood, because in the cold months you may have seasonal affective disorder (depression) due to lack of light.

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