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Ten reasons to drink more plain water

Десять причин пить больше обычной воды Is the key to health and beauty.

If you want to have shiny hair, healthy skin and supple body, simple water will help you to get it! After reading this material you will not only understand why we need to drink plenty of water every day, but you will be amazed of its beneficial properties, and can also understand why plain water is the best beauty elixir in the world.

That you need to drink 2 liters of water a day, everyone knows. But few have tried to understand why we need to drink so much water every day. Despite the fact that the water contains no nutrients (vitamins, trace elements and minerals), it is the basis of all bases. Water is in every cell of all living organisms on this planet. Deficiency when it is disturbed the vital activity of any living organism. About other benefits of water and why it is the world’s best natural elixir of beauty, read on. So, what actually is healthy water?

1. Maintains optimum fluid balance in the body

The liquid in our body performs all vital functions – digestion, circulation, secretion of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and also helps the body to maintain optimal body temperature. When you drink enough water, the brain triggers the function of “dehydration”, and the process is slowing sharply.

2. Controls calories

Yes, Yes, that’s right. Numerous studies have confirmed the link between water consumption and losing a few pounds. What is the secret? Just water helps us feel full, resulting in we eat much less food and accordingly fewer calories.

3. Is the fuel for muscles

When we sweat at the gym, our muscles evaporates water. When the muscles do not have enough water, they get tired. That is why water is the fuel for our muscles. If you do not have the strength to take another approach in the gym, try to drink some water – it will improve the situation.

4. Adds Shine to hair

For years barbers do not get tired to say that hair should be rinsed in cold water to make them Shine. Indeed, the cold temperature tightens the hair’s cuticle, making your hair smoother and shinier.

5. Improves skin condition

Some of the toxins in our body can provoke inflammation in the skin that leads to clogged pores and acne. Water helps to flush out toxins, washing away them from our body. This reduces the risk of “hateful friends” and generally improves skin condition.

6. Supports kidney function

Our kidneys filtered per day and cleans about 1700(!) liters of blood. All the unnecessary things from our body transporterowych the kidneys into the bladder. Enough fluid in our bodies helps the kidneys to do this work. Friends, for this you need to drink (a glass of water, of course)!

7. Increases productivity

Surprisingly, water is also able to increase productivity! If you need something to focus on, enough to drink a glass of plain water. It will help perk up and increase your concentration.

8. It improves brain activity

British scientists (don’t laugh) conducted a study, which found that students who brought water into the exam, had higher scores as a result. They suggested that water has improved their thinking. While the relationship between water and good grades, we are not very clear, however this does not prevent each of us to conduct the same experiment and check for yourself this property of water.

9. Acts as a pain reliever

A small amount of water really helps to dull the pain. By the way, one of the causes of joint pain and muscle spasms may be just the lack of water in the body.

10. Improves digestion

Nobody wants to have problems with digestion. Fortunately, when we drink sufficient water, she falls into the large intestine, helps us, um, well, you understand what to do.

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