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Tea with added life-threatening, medical

Чай с добавками опасен для жизни, - медикиDoctors told why not to drink tea with additives.

Before the eyes of the paintings come to life shifting the tea leaves with petals of rose and Jasmine, impregnation with natural oils of the Soursop and other fruits in the most ancient Chinese recipes. But what is this inscription: “identical to natural Flavorings”. In General, what is the difference between a “tea fragrance” and “natural flavored tea.


Flavors are natural and chemical. Natural flavors carefully related to flavor and color characteristics of different types of tea and enrich the drink. But with chemical flavorings this is not the case, about favor to not speak, but they continue to be in demand – because it was cheaper.

Of course, good tea and of themselves are not cheap, and now add the cost of natural flavors and the procedure itself. It is not only the selection of suitable aromatic substances which goes best with a particular kind of tea, but the process of aromatization fresh flowers and buds, Smoking smoke of certain varieties (the hibiscus), storage and more.

As for fruits, especially citrus fruits, they do not greatly affect the taste and color of tea, emphasize its natural flavor. The exception is bergamot (and this is also the subspecies of citrus fruits), its pungent smell interrupts flavor of the tea. Worth the wait: bergamot imbues the tea with vitamin C. of Course, wait for fortification from inexpensive tea, even with natural flavors, not worth it. The main benefit from it aromatherapy. Vitamins should not wait.

A good sign – an indication for the use of specific natural ingredients like petals of mint, slices of strawberry or vegetable essential oils (one drop is enough to flavor several kilograms of tea, which is not harmful to health).

You yourself can feel the difference between tea with the aroma of strawberries and tea scented with natural strawberry essence. In the first case, the drink will have unnaturally sharp and fragrant flavor, resembling nothing of my grandmother’s strawberry patch. But the natural flavor of tea will give a light aroma and a pleasant aftertaste.


Carefully check the packaging of tea, how it was carried out aromatization. Of course, if you’re a fan of natural, the label “fragrance” or “flavor identical to natural” suggests that this product is not for you.

But why the flavors created in laboratories, are called natural identical? Imagine “tea with slices of ginger”. Felt the taste? And now – “tea with the aroma of birthday cake.” Harder? Isn’t the first fragrance of tea is more than “plausible”? The first taste and smell should not differ from the natural: if you drink ginger tea and is identical to his counterpart – they are more or less recognizable, is similar. Sometimes, alas, as the original caricature, but as a whole is committed to the quality that nature created.

Synthetic fragrances – it smells and tastes, which in nature does not exist, or complex composition. Teas with the scent of blueberry muffin, chocolate pudding and even coffee make you wonder: how many chemists had to work on achieving such a mind-boggling variety of tea drinks?

So that begs the Council: if artificial additives in cheap tea not afraid, it is better to stop the choice on identical to natural and as simple as possible in composition to the flavors. To create the song “bubble gum” could be necessary not one element of the periodic table.

Imported tea and tea processed by domestic producers, censored synthetic substances and flavors. That is the harmful chemical elements should not be even in the cheapest tea. Besides saving money, he can deceive sustainability: natural supplements faster lose the smell and brightness, and laboratory and a year as good as new.

Carefully read the information on the label about the tea flavoring elements. A large number of in the tea the ominous letter “E” indicates that over his flavoring tried certainly not the natural flavoring properties of the same Jasmine.

And another recommendation: better to choose cold tea with natural identical flavors. A hot drink “chemistry” is much more actively absorbed by the body. Summer special offer.

If you skimp on the berries now are getting cheaper every day. No need to completely abandon the tea with flavors, just try to add in a classic tea just 2-3 crushed raspberries, or strawberries Smorodinka. The aroma will amaze you, and benefit – much more!

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