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Taylor swift is furious that slept with Kanye West

Тейлор Свифт возмущена тем, что "спала" с Канье УэстомTaylor swift shocked by new video of Kanye West with naked stars.

Clip of Kanye West’s “Famous” aroused great interest “starring” in it celebrities. Taylor swift was furious his Nude wax double, located in the bed on the right hand from West. As reported HollywoodLife.com citing friends of the singer, she feels “raped” and plotting revenge.

“They are already with the team thinking about how to respond to the insult, – said the source. Just to write a song in response will not suffice”. However, the appearance of swift in the clip is completely natural. It is in the song “Famous” has the words: “I think me and Taylor would still have sex, I made this with* = > famous.” They have caused scandal and disturbances of the musical public, when the single was released in February 2016

Chris brown also was at a loss myself in the video. “Why do I (or my wax double) this ass? – he wrote. – That damn Kanye is talented, but totally crazy!”.

Representatives of many celebrities appeared in the video, including bill Cosby, Anna Wintour, Kathleen Jenner declined to comment on the matter, and a spokesman for George Bush, said that in the video he wasn’t. However, West was deliberately arranged this videoproduktsii. After a few hours after the premiere of the clip he tweeted: “somebody finally served me to court? I’m really looking forward to.”

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