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Поплавали - хорошо

Astahovskoye “well, how was your swim?” somehow compare with “she drowned”, but the story confused the man AS if against his will fell the power over a huge unmanageable machine, and imminent disaster unmanageable.

Show completely… Putin does not know where the country starts, where it ends, why sink the submarine, and why not print his poster with white cranes to the benefit of all Housewives of this wretched country. Astakhov, on the other hand, understands everything (well, we all not only understood, but also so good to swim) and for some reason does not seek to hide his gear structure, his rhetoric is a clear frontier between the state and some floating people needs no explanation.

These words will probably remain in history, they entered in our worst dreams left to fester in the wounds, I think I was again the little cave and feel the children’s fear of space and vulnerability to the enormity of its stars. The first time I have this gag reflex from being in these boundaries are the same boundaries with a man who “well, how was your swim?” but it is obvious that the consequences will be, and the wounds will heal, and that is not Astakhov said, and this is the worst Kremlin space says Astakhov.

The machine should produce black holes in the offshore, divide, punish, and, of course, save the floating men — existent problems, that is, re-share and be punished — while remaining inert to the existing problems. Think of oil evaporation in Russia make any action to come up with elevated symptoms here with good intentions to rewrite history, destroyed education, by anonymous the funeral, tear the skin of the city etc — and the line of the social contract it passes through the hill, through osvoennosti reasons. Today in traffic in South Butovo all discussed it, “well, how was your swim?” with an indescribable fury of exposure ingestion, because of the indifference of the state should always be a suspension of “morality”. Let Zhirinovsky in the address Astakhov curses and choicest curses. And at the same time absolutely transparent that “Hey, how was your swim?” are the formula of the power relations of the Institute and of the people, and in this long is no mystery. In that moment, when I will “drown” to be a member of another disaster, these words seem to me the most honest, and that’s the way since the school — where there are no visible rules, there is no school, no discipline, nothing, nothing, except beautiful words and filled with bureaucracy, endless cracks of a broken system referred to as aura in the country. Feature of modern Russia is that for some reason she does not want to recognize itself as a country-to-sad, and all the while trying to cover their injuries, ” in the same logical system in tenth grade, my classmate, was involved in prostitution had dropped out of school because “prostitution is possible, but prostitutes are not necessary to us”; so we swim well, Pavel, swim every day, year after year, in the murky pukey hypocrisy the water, sometimes we drown and sometimes we don’t and even thanks for the interest, and called a spade a spade.

These words, reminiscent of chthonic fear openly calling Russia — the territory of insecurity, warning that security as an idea, an illusion, must continue to cry, we began to Wake up and listen to how their semantic field we are nothing more than “these, floating…”.

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