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Sulakshin: Russia, as a large Laundry

Сулакшин: Россия, как большая прачечная

With joy, sounding for propaganda mouthpieces, we learn that Russia has won another victory in the fight against the global financial-economic blockade and isolation. Successful placement of Russian Eurobonds! 1.75 billion dollars of new loans!

What is Eurobonds? This is about how the word “bandits”, only through the letter “o”. The joke, of course. Eurobonds or bonds-loans — a paper-obligation that the Russian government gives in response to the loan. They give you money and you give the paper-a receipt in which you write: “I will, though, but I will pay for the use of your money”. In this case, the period of use of 10 years. And the cost of using this loan to 4.75% per year.

A lot or a little? First, it is a lot, because in this market in Europe, a similar kind of percent of borrowing is simply not the case, they are much lower. Secondly, the story is even more interesting. Russia at the same time your own live money the state invests in foreign securities, i.e., loans other States, and those of Russia pay.

And how much they pay us? Here Treasuries United States Treasury bonds United States of America. Russia had money, real money. She gave them to America (a country that puts sanctions against Russia) got the papers and receives income from the United States in these papers. What is the income? We have given their securities with the obligation of 4.75%, and from America on a ten-year placement of these US Treasuries have a yield of 1.86%. Wait a minute! It turns out that the money we had, we put on 1.86 per cent and immediately go to borrow on the West, where sanctions put against us, under 4,75. Like this? And what is it all about? To give money at 1.86% yield, and to take under the 4.75% payout? This is what a robbery power? This who dared to Rob the country? Difficult to guess?

Let’s calculate something. It turns out that the difference between these percentages for the current period of placement of Eurobonds Russia’s losses will amount to $ 505 million. Or 33 billion. But if you view all this brilliant, wonderful and triumphant policy, in the amount of Russian funds placed in us securities, the value 117,7 billion dollars, this difference in the wise, victorious, the remarkable financial policy of the Putin regime is 33.6 billion dollars. This much we lose on this is really stupid, treacherous, senseless financial policy. The next moment. And then suddenly to take steel?

The repaid foreign debt, boasted and rejoiced in it. However, at the same time have accumulated a record in the history of Russian corporate debt, not lending to the Russian economy within, and expelling it abroad by lending in foreign currency. But God was with him. Went from government loans. And then they again began to take. This is why? Yes, because the economy falls, because I do nothing to restore its sovereignty, and article income, to replenish the budget deficit. Do not do anything! Absolutely. Do not return the ruble money supply in circulation. Do not create a high yield with high added value new production. Do not stimulate business. Nothing. The complete failure of the Amnesty of capitals. Helplessness in the return of offshore funds. There billions of dollars are going, and the President smiles, “My name is not there. Well, what if each Roldugin 2 billion pumped in there? Other friends another 2 billion. And the third — a further 22 billion”. See the Forbes report including a list of relatives and members of the Government with their annual income.

What is the detail? The placement of Eurobonds declared as successful and wonderful. However, if in September 2013 in such participated loan, in addition to VTB Capital, and even Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, this time no foreign Bank was not. This time, the state Department of the United States of America expressed reputational and economic risks of doing business with Russia and warned that it is not necessary to enter into a bonded relationship with Russia.

And who was inside? Where did these 1.75 billion dollars, which Russia has received a loan and will be at higher rates of pay? It is easy to guess. It is not difficult. Dear Russian 500 billion dollars lie in offshore. They supposedly already foreign. It is alleged by foreign investors. And they came back with a tasty yield. That’s what behind this.

The thieves brought their money abroad. And now return them under cleaning and under with an increment of frantic returns. By whom? Russia, all of us who create goods and state funds. As 10 years will be put into the pocket of those who are from Russia brought the money, speaking in Russian, was stolen and now returned in the form of money laundering “washing” scheme? Count. 831 million dollars on the super-profits. Now try, like Sherlock Holmes to figure out who these people are who have managed out of the country 500 billion to pull out, now to return, but also to force the country to serve on such super-profits, which is several times higher than other Deposit schemes of the financial rate of return in the West. Guessed? Sounded in mind the names of those who engaged in these schemes? And who is allowed?

It’s a scary story.

If when-that in our country there were periods of industrialization, electrification, creation of the entire aerospace, scientific, defence complexes, then the current period should rightly be called the period of privatisation, of pillaging the country. Already not assets, factories, land, and the country, the state itself. The state of Russia today, Putin’s schemes turns into a big washing machine. And this “Laundry” includes milestones we, the taxpayers, because the service of the super-profits of these “unknown” of depositors-borrowers comes from the budget. Service coming from all of our income. This is not 50-100 serfs, the Russian landowner. It is 146 million people pledged to the few people capable of organizing such a large “Laundry” by writing instruction to the Finance Ministry, the Government, and there is not even vyaknut.

Here’s a picture with the big financial “success” of our Russia.

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