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Stonehenge in ancient times was used as a calendar – the scientists

Стоунхендж в древности использовали, как календарь, - ученые Scientists have figured out why Stonehenge was built.

This building was not only used as a solar calendar, but also as a moon for the computing of various dates and numbers.

Stonehenge was created more than five thousand years ago, this was done in three stages. Cultural monument still attracts the attention and interest of many historians and tourists who are trying to figure out or at least to suggest why it was built. Last year more than 1.3 million people visited the mysterious object. Recently an expert from Britain Lloyd Matthews with canadian historian Joan Rankin decided to radically change the approach to the study and purpose of Stonehenge.

They conducted a study over 3 years, the result of which suggested that he is nothing but a complex and incredible calendar prehistoric times. The researchers paid special attention to threads on 3 stones known as the Trilithon. Moreover, they found 56 holes which apparently were made after the end of the first phase of construction.

Apparently they were used for calculations. The system used to track each passing day. Six and a half turns around the building meant that it took 365 days.

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