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So Putin gave to understand that the easy prey of it.

Итак - Путин дал понять что лёгкой жертвы из него не получится.

The arrest of the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh – it’s more than just the arrest of another bribe.
For anybody not a secret the fact that in Russia there is a special untouchable layer of “liberals”, which neither Yeltsin nor Putin, did not dare to touch never.
This is primarily Chubais and “Chicks nest Chubaysova” – which belonged to Nikita Belykh.

Putin could have anything to do with all sorts of upstarts from among the drug dealers and black marketeers like Berezovsky-Gusinsky-Khodorkovsky.
But Chubais did not touch it, ever – no matter whatever Chubais said and whatever you did.
We all know what happened to Kvachkov, who tried to assassinate Chubais.
Is Kasyanov can with impunity throw cakes in the face.
That Nemtsov can slap on a bridge.
But Chubais – to touch do not can!


And because Chubais is “looking” for Russia. From the Masonic world of the elites. It is under Putin, as under Yeltsin as a Commissioner with the commander. Performance against Commissioner – the equivalent of armed insurrection.

And Putin knows it.
I have not once, not twice wrote (for example HERE) that it is foolish to compare Putin with Hitler (as is sometimes done lately in the West and especially in the Ukraine). Putin is trying to be a Russian Adenauer. He does everything possible to keep Russia between the two extremes (left and right), balancing like a tightrope Walker over the abyss.
It was Putin our the ultra (and the Communists too, by the way) owe the fact that they are still not on the Kolyma and not on the gallows (need justification? Read HERE).
Ukrainians wishing death to Putin, do not understand that on the other hand, Putin enormous pressure of public opinion of Russia, demanding to finish the Bandera.
The West and Ukraine hope that the sanctions will cause Russia’s population to take a critical look at their President.
And it really is beginning to look askance. There is such a thing.
But the West and the same Ukrainians, do not understand WHAT Putin criticized Russian citizens (not all of course, but…).
And blame him that he did not finish the Ukraine, did not create a new Russia, allowed Bandera to arrange the bloodshed in the Donbass, does not recognize the independence of DND and LNR, and does not include them in structure of Russia. That is, act indecisively and inconsistently.
Here’s reproach than President – and NOT the FACT that he annexed to Russia the Crimea and began bombing Syria.
When Russians show their dissatisfaction with the fact that Ukraine has spilled so much blood – it does not mean that they are dissatisfied with Putin’s intervention in Ukraine. This means that they are unhappy that the intervention was insufficiently rapid and total. According to these disgruntled, no bloodshed would not be at all, if the Kremlin acted quickly and harshly.

The West, as well as prancing fools, not aware of the fact that it is now for them the most suitable time. With Putin, they can about something to negotiate.
Something happen with Putin, the next President may simply not have the courage to resist public opinion of Russia, and tear everything off Bandera.

I repeat, Putin clearly does not want to seriously quarrel with the West. He pulls the rubber to the last, trying to avoid confrontation.
However, the West has invented in the face of Putin a convenient enemy. It invented – modern Russia, unlike the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany, there is no ideological antagonism with Europe and America.
And there is every indication that Putin’s aim to put the squeeze on.

However, there is a limit. Including any patience. And the example of Milosevic, Hussein and Gaddafi, clearly shows and proves what happens to those who do not resist sitting on your ass waiting for the sea weather.

And that happened what happened.
Anatoly Chubais went to Beijing. And his friend Nikita Belykh, was taken under white ruchenki and thrown in jail. And – did it with exemplary brutality, using submachine gunners in masks.
Note two details:
1) Nikita Belykh got as a schoolboy, took the marked money IN the RESTAURANT. That is the stupidest way.
2) the detainee’s face was clearly written not a fear as such does not experience for lost loot – and SURPRISE.
He was so surprised, it looked startled, as if suddenly learned that the earth is not round, but square. Or that his wife was the former man who underwent surgery in adolescence.
In my opinion it is not necessary to be a psychologist with a century of experience to guess that the White obviously considered himself untouchable that this can not happen by definition. Because the money was taken where it is wanted, not bothered with precautions.

I think Russian President Putin is simply tired of getting black marks from their opponents. And sent them a black mark itself.
This is a very serious warning. This is a clear and unambiguous hint that Putin is ready to cross the Rubicon and start active actions against those who until recently thought that they have everything under control.

We have to understand that with all the reservations, Putin’s government is a liberal government.
Just unlike the frostbitten hooligans, like Nemtsov, Navalny-Novodvorskaya, Putin understands that a cow need not only milk, but also to feed, water, protect, and provide it some shelter.
But in General, Putin has never sought to be for the liberals to strangers. They eternally required.
However, one gets the impression that they not only appreciate, but don’t even realize it.
This is their game in the fight against “the bloody dictatorship” – it began to seem the liberals reality. They really started to compare the President to Hitler and Stalin. I got carried away, so to speak.
And in the end, Putin got tired of it. He made it clear that will not be easy prey. If necessary, you will do anything.
Chubais is on the loose. Putin until recently did not want to cross a certain red line. But has made it clear that he is ready to go…



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