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Snezhana from “the Bachelor” was photographed in bed

Снежана из «Холостяка» сфотографировалась в постелиCharming blonde did not hesitate to put in a social network photo, which she sealed in her pajamas.

In the last edition of the show “How to marry” Snezhana Zadorozhnyaya that Irakli Makatsaria was sent home right before the finale of the Bachelor project, admitted that she already has a man and they even live together. One of the most striking blondes of the sixth season of the show “the Bachelor” is now freely shares personal photos on Instagram, really loved the young man she never shows.

Snezhana today revealed two new photos taken in her bedroom. In the first photo the girl is captured in a personalized robe and the second in satin pajamas with lace. Subscribers Snjezana noticed rounded tummy, but most likely the girl just lay and pajamas crumpled on her stomach, creating the impression that she is pregnant.

Recently Zadorozhnyaya was shown a video with a workout in the gym, which can be clearly seen that there is no “tummy” it does not. Therefore, the speculation by some users of social networks incorrect. And one of podeschi and even wrote that he sees nothing strange in the fact that two loving people living together, you may see the child.

Снежана из «Холостяка» сфотографировалась в постели

Снежана из «Холостяка» сфотографировалась в постели

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