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Six reasons to drink more water

Шесть причин пить больше водыDoctors have told, what wonders you can do with the body of normal water.

We all heard that water is the source of life, but more used to think that this applies primarily to plants. However, we also need daily water to sustain life. Unfortunately, too often people are addicted to drinks and replace water sweet sodas, coffee and tea, and many even gallons of beer.

However, if you go to the experiment and during the month constantly drink only pure water, the results are just amazing! You’ll not only save some money, but notice the positive changes in your health. What exactly is “bonus” should be expected?

1. You mark an unprecedented sharpness of mind and the growth of creative abilities

According to neuroscientists, a sufficient amount of clean water improves brain function, so that it will start successfully cope with any tasks. The calculation is simple: 8 cups of pure water will give you 30% increase in cognitive abilities.

2. You will notice that you have become younger look

If you supply your body with quality drinking water, it will respond to improve the condition of the skin, you will not be able to ignore. The rejuvenating effect will be visible on your muscles, since they are a sufficient amount of moisture also maintains toned. As says the publication the Daily Mail one 42-year-old woman, she managed to throw 10 years with just a daily drink about 3 liters of water during the month. She passed the constant headaches and problems with digestion, and also became firmer, and completely vanished all the dark circles around the eyes.

3. You will be clean from toxins and raise immunity

Water is the universal solvent, and its sensible use helps excretory system to work like clockwork. Experts say that those who drink enough water that is clean, normal acid-alkaline balance, as well as reduced risk of calcification and formation of kidney stones.

4. Heart will thank you

Water helps you to restore the necessary liquid level of the blood, and reduces blood pressure. Due to this all organs are better supplied with oxygen, and the heart ceases to reboot. According to the American journal of epidemiology, those who drink at least 5 glasses of pure water a day, have 40 more chances to avoid heart attack than those who drink only two glasses.

5. You will be much easier to move

First, a sufficient amount of fluid helps interarticular cartilage time to recover. As a result, your joints will last as much longer. In addition, their flexibility and mobility will only please you.

6. You really will get easier

Clean water will help you to withdraw all the toxins and then deal with the hated extra fat reserves. 30 days of correct drinking regime you get the best cleaning the body and will notice the weight loss. In addition, you will feel less hungry and will consume less calories, which will also affect your health and appearance.

7. Your metabolism will improve

The researchers say that the body supplied with quality drinking water also allows you to “accelerate” your metabolism! It turns out that drinking just half a liter of pure water immediately after waking up, you will receive a 24 per cent acceleration of metabolism. That is, all reactions in the body will be more frequent, providing you with energy and alertness!

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