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Singer Gluk’oza is not shy about his age

Певица Глюк'oZa не стесняется своего возрастаNatalya Ionova-Chistyakova today receiving congratulations from all who surrounds her.

In honor of its 30th anniversary, the Glucose decided to write a candid post and share it on Instagram, attaching to it the recent photo shoot. The singer wrote the following: “I Want to say today that I am 30) have Already been a lot said on this subject, but it still happened) Girls will understand me))) But I will say that I am happy! Happy this figure and the fact that I’ve accomplished to this young age!!! My main achievement is my family, happy and interested in all children, a husband who adores me, a career… you Can put many more straps – and so will you, #vigorosa, a lot of that is waiting! But at the same time I was and is independent and self-sufficient!!! On this day I want to wish not only myself but also you! Not to lose the feeling of joy from everything – from communication, love, achievements, meetings and surprises! So this all brings you pleasure, but the main rule you need to give it in return! All who are near! Even a simple passerby smile! This is my rule in life always!!! I love you, we got just dohr**but you are here and not just all guys! And it is also very well will describe me!!! And I’ll tell you this – I’m pleased with myself!!!”.

This time a candid photo of Glucose followers not to criticize, but only wrote her a lot of nice comments of congratulations. By the way, as if that was not strange, but today photos of Natalia in a dress with a deep neckline likoly in just one hour more than 7 thousand people, and a few months ago was half as many likes and compliments instead of users writing offensive comments.

Певица Глюк'oZa не стесняется своего возраста

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