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Simple exercises to restore vision

Простые упражнения для восстановления зренияThey should make anyone who spends a lot of time at the computer.

Today many people spend at the computer most of the working time. This requires a maximum voltage of the eye, from what we experience discomfort, dryness, fatigue. These seemingly minor symptoms are the first signs of deterioration.

Even if one has twenty-twenty vision, he still needed complete rest for the eyes. This will help special gymnastics for eyes.

Eyes work by muscles, and muscles need to be trained. Movements of eyes are better to do in the morning or in the evening before bedtime. Each exercise repeat for 5-30 times, start small, gradually increase the load. The movements are smooth, without jerks between exercises useful blink. And don’t forget to remove your glasses or contact lenses.

7 best exercises to maintain, restore and improve vision:

1. Blinds

Quickly and easily move a muscle for 2 minutes. Helps improve blood circulation.

2. Looking out the window

Make a point of clay and sculpt glass. Select the window distant object for a few seconds looking into the distance, then glancing at the point. Later on you can complicate the load – to focus on the four krasnozelenyh objects.

3. Big eyes

Sit up straight. Hard zazhmurivaet eyes for 5 seconds, then open them widely. Repeat 8-10 times. Strengthens the muscles of the eyelids, improves circulation, promotes relaxation of the muscles of the eye.

4. Massage

Three fingers of each hand press on the upper eyelids, 1-2 seconds, remove your fingers from the century. Repeat 3 times. Improves the circulation of intraocular fluid.

5. The jets

Twice a day, morning and evening, opolaskivaniem eyes. Morning – first significantly hot water (not burning!), then the cold. Before bedtime everything in reverse order: wash cold, then hot water.

6. Draw a picture

First aid for eyes – close them for a few minutes and imagine something pleasant. And if you RUB your palms and cover his eyes with warm hands, fingers crossed on the middle of the forehead, the effect will be more noticeable.

7. “Shoot the eyes”

– Look up and down with maximum amplitude.

– Draw a circle clockwise and back.

– Draw the eyes diagonally.

– Draw the square.

The view is arc – convex and concave.

– Encircles the diamond.

– Draw the eyes of the bows.

– Draw letter S – first horizontal, then vertical.

– Draw the eyes vertical arc, first clockwise, then – against.

– Translate the view from one corner to another diagonally of the square.

– Bringing pupils to the nose hard, bringing his finger to his nose.

– Often blink often centuries – as a butterfly flaps its wings.

When working at the computer should remember the following:

– after each exercise should be minute to sit with your eyes closed;

– eye exercise while working on computer is carried out 2 times a day at the same time;

– follow movements – the amplitude should be the maximum;

at a constant work at the computer to take short minute break after every 40 minutes, at least.

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