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Sharapova will challenge a two-year disqualification

Шарапова будет оспаривать двухлетнюю дисквалификациюRussian tennis player Maria Sharapova does not agree with the verdict of the International tennis Federation.

On the eve of the anti-doping Committee of the ITF reported on a two-year disqualification of the ex-first racket of the world Maria Sharapova, who in January of this year, passed a positive doping test for inflammation. Lawyers the Russians are preparing an appeal in Sports arbitration court of Lausanne.

“ITF demanded a four-year disqualification, bearing in mind that I was breaking the rules intentionally, but the Commission this requirement is not supported.

Despite the fact that the Tribunal rightly ruled that I broke the rules not on purpose, I can’t make that unreasonably severe punishment. I immediately sent an appeal to the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS)”, – reads the statement Sharapova posted on the athletes page in “Facebook”.

Maria Sharapova, despite the continuous administration of Mildronate, never mentioned this drug in forms doping control. If the Russian woman pointed out this medication, you probably would have received a warning about the upcoming inclusion of the drug in the prohibited list. Team Sharapova not acquainted with the updated list of doping-substances – Australian Open tennis player took Mildronate on match days, and because the dose of a prohibited substance in the body athletes repeatedly exceeded the permitted limit set by WADA after the massive positive doping tests for inflammation.

Recall that Maria Sharapova will return to the court January 26, 2018. By the time she turned 31 year – tennis in the margins of the doubt that five-time winner of majors will continue his career.

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