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Scientists: worst fathers living in Britain

Учёные: Самые худшие отцы проживают в БританииTeam of professionals conducted a survey, after which determined the country’s worst fathers.

Scientists in the study found that British fathers are the worst in the world.

About results of work of specialists wrote the newspaper independent.

The scientists said that the study was conducted on gender equality in different countries. They took into account three key factors: the care of children, the gap in pay, leave system, family-oriented functions. Research staff conducted a study to find out in what country are the worst dad. It turned out that in the UK men spend on child care, 24 minutes a day, and this despite the fact that the country was introduced shared parental leave. However, at the same time Britain is in fifth place in the matter of implementation of Affairs at home. British men do pay 34 minutes per day, not including the cooking, and the wage gap was 17.4%.

It is worth noting that in the first place among countries in terms of equality between men and women is Sweden.

The scientists believe that their research to pay attention should the government of each country and to conduct appropriate policies to equalize rights of men and women.

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