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Scientists told about the favorite activities of women

Ученые рассказали о любимом занятии женщинScientists have discovered what women love the most to do.

The most pleasant and desirable profession for women is the housewife’s labour, as the study showed. It turned out that devoted themselves to household and children, women are more happy than holders of any other profession.

A sociological study conducted in the UK, has confirmed what secretly suspected many of the fair sex. It turned out that Housewives in the level of happiness exceeds women with any other professions. Only every seventh housewife admitted that she did not like this role. This level of dissatisfaction is less than half the level among civil servants and trade workers.

In the course of the sociological survey of 3 000 people answered the question about whether they are satisfied with their lives. The scientists carefully recorded the percentage of those who expressed dissatisfaction. The sociologists interviewed both genders, because in the UK, as many as two million Housewives and householders. However, the vast majority are still mothers, not fathers.

The share devoted himself completely to the household and upbringing of children was the maximum happiness level at 87.2%. Next in the ranking followed employees of the spheres of hospitality and organizing events (86.3 per cent), creative arts and design (84.4 per cent), charity (83,9%), recreation, sport and tourism (83.7 per cent).

But were the least happy workers in the fields of marketing, advertising and PR, where the level of life satisfaction was 53.8%. In the unfortunate top five also includes the police and security services (59.4 per cent), sales (67,4%), civil servants (70%), staff (70.8 per cent).

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