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Scientists have uncovered another secret of the great pyramid

Ученые раскрыли еще одну тайну пирамиды ХеопсаThe pyramid of Cheops or the Great pyramid of Giza, is the slant of the base, scientists have found.

The famous pyramid of Cheops was not as perfect as we believed – scientists have found that it is slightly bevelled on its side and that its Eastern side is slightly shorter than the other three slope of the “great pyramid”, according to archaeologists from the project Fund Glenn Dasha.

The pyramid of Cheops, one of the seven original wonders of the world, was built in the middle of the third Millennium BC by the Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops), the representative of the fourth dynasty of the old Kingdom, during which were built the “great pyramid” of Ancient Egypt. This structure with a height of 145 meters and a width and a length of 230 meters and remains one of the tallest and largest buildings ever created by mankind.

A group of archaeologists, sponsored by the Glenn Foundation Dasha (Glenn Dash) and led by him personally, for several years studying this pyramid, trying to uncover unknown details from the history of its construction and the secrets of her device. This week, scientists presented the first results on high-precision measurements of its height, width, slope and other metric parameters.

It tells dash, accurate measurements of the pyramid – not an easy task as it might seem at first. In the days of the pharaohs the great pyramid was covered with “tiles” of limestone slabs, of which today almost nothing left due to the fact that it was gradually dismantled by the descendants of the Egyptians and alien tribes for the construction of other objects.

Dash and his team were able to recover what looked like a pyramid in the past, examining how located and how to fasten preserved calcareous plates, as well as follow where is a platform on which rests the pyramid of Cheops. This allowed them to find the position of the tips of the pyramids on the earth’s surface and measure the exact distance between them.

It turned out that the pyramid of Cheops, contrary to the views of some historians and engineers is not a perfect figure from a mathematical point of view, the Western wall turned out to 8-14 inches longer than the Eastern wall.

Because of this pyramid are beveled on its side, and the bottom is not a perfect square.

Ученые раскрыли еще одну тайну пирамиды Хеопса

On the other hand, such precision, as recognized by the dash, was an astounding achievement of ancient Egyptian engineers, considering what tools were available to them and how much mathematics they know.

In the opinion of the engineer, such a result was achieved due to the fact that the subjects of Cheops built a pyramid, ascertive the soil into squares like graph paper. This is supported by the fact that the axis of the pyramid is bent at the same angle relative to the lines North-South and West-East. Now dash and his team are studying data collected in the course of these measurements, hoping to understand how the ancient Egyptian architects were able to solve this problem.

“We hope that we will eventually be able to understand how the Egyptians ‘drew the pyramid, and recreate the tools and technology they use”, — concludes the scientist.

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