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Scientists have proved that fish can move on land

Учёные доказали, что рыбы могут передвигаться по сушеThe first fish emerged on land more than 350 million years ago, was not unique.

Scientists from the University of New South Wales in Australia found that the first fish that walked on land more than 350 million years ago, was not the only one.

In one family of several dozen species independently from each other developed the ability to move on land. A large role was played by the tides. A study published in the journal Evolution.

Biologists have studied scientific work to find the fish are able to move on land. They have identified 130 species of animals, among them the American eel (Anguilla rostrata), which can crawl from pond to pond, bull-Buffalo (Taurulus bubalis), leaving the coastal waters by lowering the concentration of oxygen in them, as well as mudskipper (Periophthalmus barbarous), lead an amphibious lifestyle.

The results of the research showed that 33 different families of fish have at least one representative that can some time to be on the land. This suggests that this ability evolved independently several times, and some modern fish have inherited it from a common ancestor that lived relatively recently.

One of the families has received special attention of researchers. Sobachkoy (Blenniidae) is a group of fish that mainly inhabit coastal waters. This family includes seven species, which are able to move on land. For example, Alticus arnoldorum can jump on rocks and cling to the stones that could he due to the presence of special cupped fins. — Alticus saliens — leads a similar lifestyle and like its cousin, it remains on land during low tide.

Scientists believe that the ability to move on the ground most often occurs in the littoral zone, which is a section of the coast that are periodically flooded during high tide. Litoral is a kind of springboard for the gradual formation of terrestrial species.

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