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Scientists have made a shocking statement about “bad cholesterol”

Ученые сделали шокирующее заявление о "плохом холестерине"Scientists have found that bad cholesterol can prolong life.

The British Medical Journal published the results of research conducted by an international group of researchers. They found that people whose cholesterol levels considerably above the norm, have the same life expectancy as people with normal.

In experiment took part about 68 thousand people older than 60 years. The research results put into question the hypothesis that people with high cholesterol are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease.

According to scientists, all viewed their cases, or had no connection between “bad” cholesterol and death from heart disease or had the opposite value. This indicates that aged people with high cholesterol have a longer life.

Also shown that cholesterol can protect the body from neurological diseases. The future plans of the researchers task is to find out why young people have “bad cholesterol” is a risk factor for various diseases, and the elderly just the opposite.

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