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Scientists have learned how to get fuel from formic acid

Ученые научились получать топливо из муравьиной кислотыThe reaction occurs at 70 degrees Celsius.

A radically new method, which allows to obtain a liquid of formic acid hydrogen, can be a great step forward and to open to humanity new possibilities for creating hydrogen fuel.

The use of formic acid for hydrogen production has never been economically feasible, because it required high temperature, and thus the resulting by-products are not allowed to achieve good results, but at the University of Melbourne were able to do the impossible.

An international group of scientists under the supervision of Professor Richard O Khayra developed a molecular catalyst, which helps you to select from formic acid, only the hydrogen and carbon dioxide. And it does not require any extreme temperatures — the reaction occurs at 70 degrees Celsius.

Professor O Khair says clean and non-waste production has always been a big problem and to achieve 100 per cent result, it was quite difficult, and the goal of the scientists was this: to get formic acid from hydrogen and carbon dioxide, which can then be applied in the field of hydrogen energy.

The scientists said that, despite the lack of positive results, they continued working and were able to achieve some success. They spoke about the difficulties that hinder the transition to hydrogen fuel. It’s pretty simple and quite usual: even if now begin to make hydrogen fuel, where it can be used to fill the transport? The infrastructure of gas stations, would allow to do it, is simply absent. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. However, the team is full of optimism and continuing studies in the chosen direction.

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