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Scientists have learned about the unusual properties of comets

Ученые узнали о необычных свойствах кометThe corresponding process can be repeated more than once throughout the life cycle of the cosmic body, scientists say.

Scientists have found that celestial bodies such as comets possess the property of disintegration into several parts and connections in a single unit.

A similar process is repeated many times throughout the life period of the comet. These findings were presented in the form of articles and published in Nature.

In the experiments, the experts conducted a comparative analysis of several comets having similar shape and dimensions with the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko, which still attracts the interest of scientists and researched by the orbital probe. The most mysterious is the shape of the heavenly bodies, as it is very reminiscent of a duck with a huge head. According to scientists, this comet shape acquired in the merger of two elements of a celestial body.

On the basis of data obtained in the result of monitoring of the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko and other celestial bodies, having similar form, with the help of computer programs was developed a model that shows a number of possible scenarios, in which live these objects.

Information obtained by researchers in the process of creating the model showed that the evolutionary processes that take place with representatives of the comets of this class can be accompanied by numerous decays into separate parts and then merge them later. Scientists clarify on this process primarily by gravitational forces emanating from the larger planets, e.g., Jupiter, and increasing the result approaches the Sun.

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