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Scientists have found traces of the ancient fire

Ученые нашли следы самого древнего костраfound traces of the ancient fire.

According to researchers, these people were the inhabitants of present-day South-Eastern Spain, living there about 800,000 years ago.

The alleged evidence was discovered in the cave. Experts noticed that the population were able to master the fire is not less than a million years ago. Looking for African territory and then moved to the North, namely Europe and the Middle East. Actually, if the specified period of time for Spain identified correctly, it includes an incredibly large number of different places, which is deliberately trying to ignite the flames centuries ago.

Beginning in 2011, the excavations provide an opportunity to understand that about 165 stones and artifacts made of stone, and about 2300 particles animal animal bones preserved signs of heating. Scientific analysis shows that temperature during treatment ranged from 400 to 600 degrees Celsius, which is typical in the stake subjects. The Professor questioned the fact that sparks from a Bush fire could afford to light inside the cave fire, which has a seven-meter in diameter.

Most likely, near the cave entrance, the bushes did not grow, and in the stone age the cave was surrounded by rivers and swamps. Discovered animal remains indicate that the fire was extracted a very long time. According to experts, this version is considered the most authentic

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