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Scientists have discovered why the twins are centenarians

Ученые выяснили, почему близнецы являются долгожителямиScientists have discovered why the twins, the AK rule, live longer than ordinary people.

Leading researchers have documented that identical twins die at a young age less frequently than other people.

This conclusion experts have made after the implementation of integrated tests and experiments. According to doctors, moral and financial support of each other the twins, helping them to increase their own life expectancy. The results of the laboratory observations was published in the journal called PLOS One.

It should be noted that during the research scientists used data concerning twins born in Denmark 1870-1900. Comparing the mortality rate of the respondents, physicians recorded an interesting pattern.

It turned out that the twins live longer than other men and women. Psychologists say that this phenomenon is due to the positive impact of strong social ties on health.

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