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Scientists have discovered a new type of “disappeared” meteorites

Ученые обнаружили новый тип «исчезнувших» метеоритовAn unknown meteorite found in a quarry in Sweden.

On the pages of news publications have appeared information about the fact that geophysicists from the US and Sweden a new type, the so-called “disappeared” meteorites that fell to Earth 500 million years ago.

Research and information edition of Nature Communications has published on its pages an article reporting on the opening of geophysicists from the US and Sweden.

According to published reports, experts have discovered in a quarry in Sweden meteorite that can rightly be called “the disappeared”, since these meteorites fell on the Earth at least 500 million years ago.

Discovered the meteorite received the name Oest-65. Birger Schmitz, a researcher from Lund University, believes that it represents a fragment of a meteorite, which had previously been in the form of potatoes. Celestial body has been torn apart as a result of collision with another meteorite, called a chondrite.

Many scientists have suggested that a detailed study of this meteorite will help to unravel some of the mysteries of the formation of the Solar system.

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