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Scientists found a hidden room in the Egyptian pyramid of Sneferu

Ученые нашли скрытую комнату в египетской пирамиде СнофруThe room was detected by the muon scanner.

Anyone who has ever been interested in Egyptian pyramids, knows that the largest and the most famous of them are located in the territory of Cairo.

Tourists can pass over the bridge El-Giza, go to the Avenue al-Ahram, that is, on the Avenue of the Pyramids, and then he will be right at their base.

If the tourist will turn to the South and go along the old road, he will soon be in the open desert. The eyes of the traveler opens five sparkling triangles. Three of them are located over the strips of cultivated land on the hill, and the other two are located a little bit West, on the sandy plateau.

More remote facilities – predecessor gizicki pyramids. They were commanded to build the founder of the fourth dynasty Pharaoh Sneferu, father of king Khufu, around the year 2600 BC. The construction of the pyramids of Sneferu marked the turning point in the structural evolution of these structures. A characteristic feature of both is that they are very peculiar, and not similar not only to other pyramids, but also each other.

And recently, thanks to new technology was discovered a secret room in the pyramid of Sneferu. This statement was made by scientists from the Ministry of atomic energy of France.

Room was found due to the muon scanner. This new technology was developed by French scientists together with American developers.

Muons – a new type of charged particles that are able to penetrate hundreds of kilometers under the Earth’s surface and any substance.

Due to weak flow of particles has failed to detect the passage to the secret room, but scientists report that it will make every effort to soon find the way to the Egyptian secrets.

New technologies will also be used to study elements of the tomb of Tutankhamun, which also can be found a secret room.

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