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Scientists create bacteria that collects information about the body

Ученые создают бактерии, собирающие информацию об организмеScientists have been creating bacteria, which will collect information about the state of the body.

American scientists have developed a method that allows you to help edit the genome, to record data that contains information about changes inside the cell.

It is reported that previously could “write” in a living cell is not more than 11 bits of information. However, at the moment genetics from Harvard University learned how to encode in the genome of bacteria 100 bytes of data. This is stated in an article published in the scientific journal the Scientist.

According to the researchers, the cells can be recorded, even as much as 3000 bytes of data. If specifically to grow microbes that will have a very long genetic code, in this case we can speak about coding the amount of information, similar to the modern volumes of disks.

In order to record information, the scientists used a strain of E. Coli bacteria. The researchers introduce their special enzymes, causing the components of the genetic code are replaced with artificial viral molecules.

This technology plan to apply in the future to create bacteria that will be able to collect all the necessary information about the human body, including about the conditions and the microbes that live in human bodies.

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