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Russian scientists have created a unique propulsion system

Specialists of MISIS University announced the creation of an advanced power plant that runs with several sources of renewable energy. As noted by the authors of the project, the names of as-yet, installation can give odds to many foreign counterparts, including those worked on by American scientists.

Domestic development receives electricity from both solar energy and wind and can be used in all regions of the country and the world, almost regardless of external factors. The basis for the design of the installation is a special verticalnaya hybrid turbine. Inside it, on the blades are the solar cells, which, accumulating energy, can increase the speed of rotation of the turbine itself. If this is not desired, the panels electricity is sent to storage or directly to the external network, depending on the current task.

Innovative solutions applied in the principles of operation of two sources of energy, allowed to improve the efficiency of domestic installation on 20% in comparison with the Western analogues. In addition, it does not contain complicated structural elements, which reduces repair costs and maintenance. According to official data, the new installation from the experts Misa is able to generate up to 4 MW/h of energy per year, depending on wind speed and light level. According to the developers, the service life of one such installation exceeds 20 years, that’s just so far none of them is used on the territory of our country.

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