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Russia gives fight GMOs

Россия даёт бой ГМО

Brexit is all, of course, very interesting and inspires the imagination, but do not forget about urgent matters. While the EU is trying to figure out how their political syphilis has reached a stage that part of the EU began to fall off, the Russian state Duma made another one, no exaggeration to say, a big step towards the rehabilitation of the Russians.

In the third and final reading a bill prohibiting the cultivation and breeding in Russia genetically modified (GMO) plants and animals. In addition, the government reserves the right not to let in Russia GMO products from other countries.

It is clear that the main Smolniki planets sit at the ocean and if they still had some hope to squeeze their mutants and their production technology to Russia, but now those plans will have to put a very fat cross. And then the question arises, where the Americans will send the flow of their GMOs? The answer is obvious, to those who consider their best friends and all the time danced to the American tune to the Europeans.

One can only sympathize with Europe, because Americans are not poles, will not throw your poison in the trash, and send all the Europeans, not to disappear. Of course, Europe is now strongly opposes it, but after such a shock, like Brexit, the Americans still, I think, will be able to break the resistance of the European Union and to impose them unprofitable Transatlantic trade and investment partnership (TTIP). Maybe that’s what was intended, and the whole of the UK out of the EU?

Then all that stuff that is made in America with the use of GMOs will flood European stores. Here us the main thing is not to miss out on its territory. So far, our guards successfully cope with European smuggling, I hope, will continue also.

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