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Ruslana wiping the snow

Руслана Лыжичко обтирается снегом на ГоверлеSinger and social activist showed how spending time in the Carpathians.

And for anybody not a secret that Ruslana loves the outdoors of Ukraine and follows the rules of a healthy lifestyle. She regularly trains both indoors and outdoors, has no bad habits, eat right, wiping the snow and hardened in ice water and so on. Now she went on holiday to the Carpathian mountains, where is not just going to enjoy nature and the incredible beauty of the Ukrainian mountains, but to spend an entire year there.

Ruslan wrote the following on Facebook: “Najblizszy year I plan to spend in the Carpathians, precauci over the new album. I know that when I’m more nide truth not snide take pryrodne Dzherelo Cisco ENERG, Yak here. Perche, scho I want to say everyone knows, what does hto PLANO hati today in Karpaty, – snmt cell I pohodil in the Carpathians without plea.”.

The top of Hoverla, Ruslana sincerely rejoiced the snow, which she immediately began to wipe. The singer shows that she’s incredibly happy here and now, she catches the moments of happiness in the little things that happen in her life.

Руслана Лыжичко обтирается снегом на Говерле

Руслана Лыжичко обтирается снегом на Говерле

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