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Quickly and effectively cooled the car in the heat

Быстро и эффективно охлаждаем автомобиль на жареThe fastest ways to cool the interior of the car in the heat.

The sun and heat, which so many of us waiting in the cold season in warm season, especially in the summer, become a real problem for drivers.

The most pronounced heat for car owners without air conditioning and not the most “fresh” cars. Although, in General, the question about how to ride in a hot car – sooner or later confronts every driver.

So, here is an example: car a day in the sun. Accordingly, if in the street + 30, the salon will be much hotter. You go out to work, open the car, but to sit in it I can not – can not breathe, and the water in the bottle that was left in the cabin, soon to boil.

What should I do?
Despite the initial desire to turn the air conditioning on “full”, and will partly wrong.

Experts advise to do the following:

Open Windows and doors, wait a few minutes and only then get in the car. But the air conditioning just to turn on is not necessary – from the sudden drop in temperature, the glass may crack. Yes, and after you heat for the benefit of such a contrast will not go.

After the hot air got a little out of the salon, turn on the air conditioner and direct a stream through Central and lateral vents (the Windows that blows air). After a couple of minutes the air gets cold then turn the fan on small turns.

Do not forget that in the conditions of intensive city traffic the air-conditioning system perenapravljaetsja and may even cause overheating of the engine. Therefore, during the path looked on the gauge coolant sensor on the instrument panel should not exceed 100 degrees. If the needle is approaching the red mark, turn off the air conditioning.

If you need to quickly cool the air inside, place for a few minutes-only salon, but after 10-15 minutes, return to the old regime. Otherwise it will increase the humidity of the cabin and misted glass.

There is another great way to cool the air inside the car – use sun visors.

They will lower the interior temperature by 5-8 degrees. But the reflective screen is better positioned outside of the machine, not inside, as do most motorists, since most of the reflected heat remains in the cabin.

Careful monitoring is necessary for the coolant temperature and the temperature of the engine itself.

Monitor air filters – they can become clogged with dust, poplar fluff etc., that will cause an increase in gasoline consumption and reduced engine power.

Be sure to carry water for yourself and extras for your car. Also not superfluous will be in the trunk and an extra bottle of coolant.

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