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Psychologists have found, as people affected by passion

Психологи выяснили, как на людей влияет страстьPsychologists say that a passion is a cure for depression.

Doctors from the UK reported that during the research they managed to fix the positive impact of intimacy and passion on the mental state of people.

According to experts, the new information obtained in the process of implementation of experiments suggests that depression can be cured through love. Experts have identified the area of the brain that is responsible for the emotional health of people.

Scientists believe that in love the representatives of the stronger and the weaker sex decreases the activity of certain substances that cause the development of depression. Satisfying the physical needs of the body, a person has the ability to get rid of a complex psychological disease.

In a fit of passion the brain of guys and girls brings together the emotions of partners, bringing the body into a state of euphoria. According to experts, a sense of passion might last for three months or more.

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