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Presents Xbox One’s from Microsoft

Представлена консоль Xbox One S от MicrosoftThe console has improved graphics and compact size.

The new console is compact, becoming 40% smaller than the original Xbox One. However, she is not inferior to the earlier version of their technical characteristics and boasts some innovations.

So, the Xbox One S supports video playback in ultra-high resolution 4K. Also the graphics quality will improve the technology of High Dynamic Range (HDR), allowing to obtain a more contrasting image.

Appearance of game consoles is characterized not only small size but also the new white Robot White. The power supply is now built into the housing, simplifying the connection options to the mains. Also Xbox One S there is a vertical installation on a special stand.

To the new console, and proposed a new version of the wireless controller, receiving a dynamic contemporary design. Also, buyers are offered the possibility of customization of the joystick in a unique combination of colors.

Xbox One’s hard drive to 2 terabytes will be on sale starting in August of this year at a price of 399 dollars in the United States. Version of the console with a memory of 500 gigabytes and 1 terabyte will hit the market shortly thereafter with a price of 299 and 349 U.S. dollars.

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