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Predictions for Euro 2016: Group D

Прогнозы на Евро-2016: Группа DFor the European Championships is less time, and we continue to acquaint you with the participants.

Today, under our sight got group D, which will play teams of Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey and Croatia.


Head coach: Vicente del Bosque
Top 5 players: David de GEA, Gerard Pique, Sergio Ramos, Andres Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas
The best result in the Euro: the champion (1964, 2008, 2012)
Odds to win tournament: 4,3
Forecast site vseprosport.ru: quarter-finals

The bookies believe the team Spain favorite shadow of the Euro. In addition, it is, if I may say so, the two-time current holder of the trophy, which will protect the Cup from the Kiev NSK “Olympic” 4 years ago. However, it is unlikely at this time, the Spaniards will again win the European football crown. If you look at the composition of “Furia Roja”, it is very striking how aged the leaders of the team. Judge: Ramos already the Peak 30 – 29-Iniesta – 32, Silva – 30. And so, we do not take into account the 35-year-old Iker Casillas, who will surely give place in goal to David de GEA. The team got older, and it lacks fresh blood. The part in del Bosque very good, experienced, but too stagnant.

The first alarm bell sounded two years ago when the champion of the whole world with a crushing score of 1:5, “flew” the national team of the Netherlands. Then the failed “red” was blamed on the accident. But then there was the start of the selection at Euro 2016, where “the Fury” has lost on departure Slovakia and made it clear to everyone that she is not the same. I do not believe in Spain at this Euro, I do not believe under any sauce, and I think that it highest probable achievement will be the semifinals of the tournament, but real – that the wards del Bosque will come down the road in the quarterfinals. Germany, France and England now look better than Spain, but because “red” will have to fight tooth and nail to disprove this statement.

Czech Republic

Head coach: Pavel Vrba
Top 5 players: Petr Cech, Michal Kadlec, Boric Dočkal, tomáš rosický, Lafata
The best result for the Euro: Final (1996)
Odds to win the tournament: 70

Experts agree that this group will be interesting for the European championship. Here there is a clear favorite of the Quartet, the team of Spain, and three teams that are almost equal in class. And no one, no football expert won’t tell you who’s going to come next, and who will go home after three matches. The Czech Republic team managed to leave behind a Board of tournament the national team of the Netherlands, and just before the start of the Euros in a good style defeated Russia in a friendly match, it definitely added to his supporters in Ukraine. The Czechs are playing in a tight compact football, which have repeatedly brought them success.

If you remember the saying that a goalkeeper is half the team, then we are talking about here before Petr Cech. This Keeper Arsenal have once again been admitted as the best player of the Czech Republic, and the gate turns into an impenetrable wall, if he’s on the field. “Tank” has long entered his name in the history of football, and are now left to strike a decisive stroke. It is obvious that your last big tournament coming veteranide Tomas Rosicky, whose best years were far behind what can be said about plašil. Not bad in midfield there Boric Dočkal, that it can become a worthy replacement of the veterans. Group D is the only one on the Euro, where all the matches will be incredibly interesting, so I advise you not to miss any. In particular, and with the participation of the Czech team.


Head coach: Fatih Terim
Top 5 players: Arda Turan, Hakan Çalhanoğlu, Nuri Sahin, Yunus malli, Burak Yilmaz
The best result in the Euro: Semifinal (2008)
Odds to win the tournament: 65

The Turks, like all teams in this group, we were unlucky with the opponents. After all, if next we see the quartets, where agreed, for example, Romania and Albania, and Hungary and Iceland, then there’s not a weak team. “Janissaries” have in their sleeve a few trump cards, in particular, malli, Sahin and Calhanoglu are the leading roles in the championship of Germany, Arda Turan doesn’t play for Barcelona, but with the defence and attack is not so good. Goalkeeper Volkan Babacan has played in “Istanbul”, the defense is generally made up exclusively of local players championship, and the best striker – Burak Yilmaz – earns money in China, which came from the same Turkish championship.

However, there are people that can get Turkey in the playoffs, and maybe a little further. The name of this man Fatih Terim. It’s just a cult for the whole of Turkey mentor who, as here considered, is able to perform miracles. His name in the team when no one else can give result. He gives it. He again led the “Janissaries” of the Euro, and is now set to get into the playoffs through the barrier Czechs, Croats and Spaniards. It’s hard to say what will come of this, but there is no doubt that Turkey will fight from the first until the last minute in every match.


Head coach: Ante Čačić
Top 5 players: Darijo Srna, Kovacic, Ivan Rakitic, Luka Modric, Mario Mengucekli the result in Euro: quarter-finals (1996, 2008)
Odds to win the tournament: 30
Forecast site vseprosport.ru: the Battle for second place in the group

Wards Ante Cacica configured to go to this tournament as far as possible. So far the best results on the Euro for the blazers were quarter-finals, where they came in 1996 and 2008. It is interesting that 8 years ago the way to the semi-final Croatia took Turkey, a match which the team Srna and will open the tournament. Then goals were not almost 2:00 game time, while Ivan klasnić did not differ for 1 revolution of the seconds hand until the end. The referee added 2 minutes and in the last one Semih şentürk sent the game into a penalty shootout, where happier were the “Janissaries”.

So there is no doubt that this time the Croats want to take revenge. Part of them got really stellar: there are people from real Madrid and Barcelona, inter and Borussia Dortmund, Dynamo and Shakhtar. No wonder the bookies Croats give it the second place in the group, and with it the sure ticket to the playoffs. However, there will be no one passing match, no guaranteed points, and the fight for life and death. If the blazers are still able to get out of this group, as you repeat your record in Euros will become very real.

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