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Poor sleep and procrastination are linked, scientists

Плохой сон и прокрастинация связаны между собой, - ученыеScientists call unexpected cause of procrastination.

It should be noted that procrastination is the tendency to continuously postpone the important, urgent or unpleasant tasks. It leads to sleep disturbance is the cause of insomnia. Most often this problem is faced owls and not early risers.

To such conclusion the Israeli researchers.

In research took part 598 that during the experiment, answered questions about their emotional state, tendency toward procrastination, and sleep problems. Such information allowed us to estimate to what belonged to the chronotype of the participants.

The result was that early birds rarely suffer from procrastination and therefore sleep much better than owls. And people formal type often save things for later and sleep worse.

Also, this study allowed us to observe the relationship between the typical character of daily activity of man and his personal characteristics. Found that larks are more responsible, emotionally stable and socially adaptive than owls.

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