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Osadchaya and Gorbunov rest on the river

Осадчая и Горбунов отдыхают на речкеPresenters shared on their pages on Instagram like photos.

In his official Instagram account, Yuri Gorbunov showed a recent photo, which depicted the river, and float on the water lilies. He signed the picture: “Beauty, as much, poplavat want!”. Members decided that on my day off Gorbunov went fishing, and boasted in the social network.

Several hours later, Katya Osadchaya showed a new photo, where she is depicted sitting on the banks of the river in a swimsuit. Signed the most popular TV presenter of the Ukraine: “Lito, rcca, lilies. Summer on RCC.”. One of the subscribers, Katie noticed that her colleagues on the project “Golos Krainy” is almost the same photo in the social network, and that can only mean one thing — Osadchaya and Gorbunov rest together.

The public has long been attributed to the novel, Katya and Yuri, but they try to avoid such questions from journalists and his fans, thus leaving others to the imagination. Once Yuri Gorbunov said that he had a long affair with Osadchaya, but all did not understand, he joked or told the truth.

Осадчая и Горбунов отдыхают на речке

Осадчая и Горбунов отдыхают на речке

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