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On Mars, found traces of volcanic activity

На Марсе найдены следы вулканической деятельностиScientists say that Mars had volcanoes.

An international group of scientists said that the data that was transmitted by the Curiosity Rover, indicate the presence on the surface of Mars tridymite who are on Earth testify to the volcanic activity. The research results were published on the website Phys.org.

At the moment, scientists believe that the geological history of Mars has been more peaceful than earth. On the red planet was not tectonic shifts, which could cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. According to researchers, volcanoes on Mars showed sluggish activity.

New data can overturn ideas about the history of the planet. The Rover found tridymite in the study of Gale crater in 2014, and later their presence was confirmed rentgenostrukturnyi analysis.

According to scientists, tridymite could be formed in any region of Mars, and then to get to the crater. Presumably, the crater was once filled with water, which means that the minerals could get into it with flows. Earlier it was reported that the Curiosity Rover conveyed to Earth the dune Namib, which is a system of dunes of Bangholme on Mars. The dunes of Bagnold active: images from orbit show that they are moving about one meter per earth year.

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