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Olga Gorbachev before the wedding changed her hair

Оля Горбачева перед свадьбой перекрасила волосыThe singer shared a fresh photo on the page in Instagram.

Last week Olya Polyakova was already under the gun from its users, evaluating new color of her hair. Superblondinka decided to coloring tips of hair in pink, which surprised the audience. Many liked this idea, but there were also those who did not share with the artist her joy about the new hair color.

Just a few hours ago Olga Gorbachev surprised everyone who signed her blog on Instagram, put up a selfie where you can clearly see that she colored strands in the same shade as that of the Polyakova. Wife of Yuri Nikitin has signed a new photo: “Special project for #viva. It seems that you should think about the pink strands!”. According to the singer, she dyed strands of their hair temporarily, especially for a project that likely participates Olya Polyakova.

By the way, after a couple of weeks will be long awaited wedding of Yuri Nikitin and Olga Gorbacheva. In 2009, they officially divorced, but two years later met again, and in connection with events in Ukraine it never came. Now finally the parents of two children married, and the celebration will be a Grand at least, so they say.

Оля Горбачева перед свадьбой перекрасила волосы

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