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Oil prices fell below $ 50 per barrel

Цены на нефть упали ниже 50 долларов за баррель

The price of Brent crude oil fell during the trading session on June 21 at the stock exchange ICE below $ 50 per barrel. At 17:38 GMT it cost 49,50 dollar, according to the trading platform.

Barrel American WTI fell 1.7 percent to at 49.14 USD.

Prices are falling amid uncertainty which arose in the markets in connection with the referendum on the British exit from the European Union (to be held June 23). The demand for oil could fall as a result of the victory of the eurosceptics.

On 20 June analysts at investment Bank Bank of America Merrill Lynch predicted that oil prices could fall to $ 39 per barrel by the end of the third quarter. They justified it by the end of the season of active use of personal vehicles in the United States.

In turn, analysts Societe Generale believe that the price of oil could fall by five percent in the case of the United Kingdom from the EU. In their opinion, the dollar will rise relative to world currencies following a referendum in the UK. It will also affect the cost of oil, which is denominated in the U.S. currency.

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