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Office fitness: lose weight in the workplace

Офисный фитнес: худеем на рабочем местеHow to lose weight without getting up from his chair.

For those who want to lose weight, but because of the continuous work does not find time for the gym, offer another way of losing weight.

It is no secret that physical exercise is the most effective method of controlling undesirable pounds.

There are six miraculous exercises that will help you lose weight even without getting up from his chair.

Twisting on the chair

This is a great exercise that allows you to reduce the amount of excess fat in the waist area.

Sit on the edge of a chair or seat, straighten your back. Turn your body to the left, abstain in this position for as long as you succeed, then return to starting position and turn right. Repeat these turns 5-6 times.

Rise on the hands

Press your hands into the armrests of the chair or chair base. Lift legs from the floor, bend your knees, try to sit up on a stool or chair with your hands.

Hold this position for a while, and then slowly lower down. Repeat these lifts 5-6 times. This exercise straining muscles of the arms and belly.

Jogging in the chair

Press your back into the backrest or chair sitting at an angle. Begin rotating legs as if you spun the pedals, flexing your knees. Do these movements as quickly as you will be able to perform at least 50 repetitions. Actively use both hands.

Yoga in a chair

Wonderful exercises from yoga that will help to get rid of excess fat in the hips. Sit in a chair, press your feet into the ground, take a deep breath and put your hands on the inner thighs to the knees.

Now exhale and raise legs to the side with his hands. When you do this take your feet in the opposite direction to create resistance between hands and feet.


Of course, you won’t be able to do running or jumping, sitting in a chair, but even in this position it is possible to move actively to burn calories.

Often spin a pen between your fingers, wiggle your hands and feet, bounce feet to some rhythm, turn in different directions, pripodnimaet over the chair, viprasys and perform other movements.

Correct posture

When you sit with a straight spine — this helps to keep the tone. Also try to involve the stomach, straighten shoulders. Bend your arms at the elbows parallel to the floor.

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