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Occupiers in Simferopol presented sports car “Crimea”

Оккупанты в Симферополе презентовали спорткар «Крым»To launch the Roadster in production at the same time want the Kerch bridge.

Russian Crimea Roadster, designed by the Moscow technical University named after Bauman, presented in Simferopol.

As the head of the project Dmitry Onishchenko, the price of the car will depend on production volumes. If a year will be collected a thousand machines, the price of the Crimea will be 650-700 thousand rubles. Start of production is scheduled for 2018.

“That it coincided with the introduction of the Kerch bridge. It will be possible on this machine to drive over the bridge”, – TASS quoted Onishchenko.

The basis of the car space frame, welded from tubes of rectangular cross section. The exterior body panels are assembled from composite materials.

The front panel of the cabin is almost entirely borrowed from the Lada Kalina. The machine is equipped with a 1.6-liter petrol unit VAZ-21127 capacity of 106 horsepower.

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