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Nutritionists: plant-fat diet will help to lose weight

Диетологи: растительная жирная пища поможет похудеть

Eating foods of plant origin, rich in fats, helps reduce weight. This was stated by British scientists.

The study was brought about 7,5 thousand volunteers suffering from type II diabetes. Most of the participants were overweight.

For the past five years 35% of the volunteers ate in accordance with the Mediterranean diet. Every day they eat at least four tablespoons of olive oil. Another third of the participants ate a similar system, but instead of olive oil they three times per week ate nuts. The remaining patients did not eat vegetable food rich in fats.

According to the results of the study showed that who ate olive oil and nuts, have lost an average 0.4 kg, although none of the participants did not set a goal to reduce weight.

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