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Nutritionists have called the possible causes of sudden weight changes

Диетологи назвали возможные причины резкого изменения весаThe reasons can be many.

Fluctuations of the menstrual cycle in women

Fluctuations of the menstrual cycle is the most direct impact on weight fluctuations. In the first half of the cycle, body mass, as a rule, “leaves”. On day 5-7 of the cycle represent the period of ideal weight. And after ovulation, from 13 th to 15-th day, the weight starts to increase and reaches its climax in 26-28 th day., says nutritionist Rima Moysenko.

Weight gain occurs due to fluid that accumulates in luteal phase, and also due to fat and mineral salts. And if no pregnancy took place, along with the beginning of the cycle the excess weight starts to leave. To gain in the second half of the cycle was minimal, first of all, do not give an increased appetite. Having a passion for sweets, limit yourself. For example, you can “defend” drugs chromium or replace “aggressive” on sweet foods with sweet taste (a cake – dried fruit, sugar, honey). And do not eat fruit after 16:00 (before this time the pancreas is active and is able to respond appropriately to insulin release on a rapid increase in blood sugar levels). After 16:00 with the sweet is allowed only 30 g of bitter chocolate.


Regular use of a large number of antibiotics and immunomodulators can cause a decrease in the function of detoxification, fermentopathy, to reduce the absorption of food, which inevitably contributes to weight gain. Also directly or indirectly affect the weight gain of drugs such as oral contraceptives, hormonal agents, steroids, beta blockers for heart disease and hypertension, antidepressants and antipsychotics.

If the medication you notice weight gain immediately contact your doctor. Serious drugs in any case there is no “undo” or “appoint” yourself – this can cause serious damage to health, since many medicines need to be applied regularly, increasing or decreasing the dosage. Remember: the cure for the poison differs only in the dose. And correctly pick this dosage can only be a good doctor.

Consumption of salty products

Usually, if the person is abusing products containing large amounts of salt (especially if you take such food in the evening), then one day the scale might scare it suddenly increased by several pounds. In the first place it will be noticed by those who have disturbed water-salt metabolism, has a tendency to puffiness and pastoznost lower extremities.

The fact is that excess salts hold water in the body (one extra sodium ion “pulls” on itself, 16-18 water molecules!). And excess water in the body are swelling, high blood pressure, risk of heart attacks and strokes, delay detoxification, slowing fat metabolism. To avoid this, it is sufficient to limit the intake of salt to 2 g per day, which is our physiological norm. After 15 hours it is better to be on a salt-free diet, because the foods that we eat during the day, with a balanced diet and enough salt.

Sensitivity to the milk protein casein

There is a category of people, which is casein intolerance. It can be expressed not only in the availability of allergic reactions, manifested in the use of kasinostrasse food (yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese), but also in the propensity for fluid retention. It is observed from 8-12% of the population.

Method phased study of the effect of different foods on the body can avoid foods containing casein, which clearly contribute to fluid retention in the body. Casein intolerance can be determined from a study of immunoglobulin G4 (method of diagnosis of food intolerance by the presence in the blood of specific antibodies that are able to diagnose even subtle forms of food allergies). Having identified the products that are currently underutilized or not fully accepted by the body, and excluding them from the diet, you can solve the problem of excess weight.

Sensitivity to gluten

Gluten – protein contained in the seeds of cereal plants: wheat, rye, oats. As flour, gluten is a provocateur of uncontrollable weight gain – for those who have gluten intolerance.

To determine individual sensitivity to gluten, it is necessary, as is the case with the milk protein casein, to be tested by the method of the study of immunoglobulin G4. The study lasts 5-7 days. If the results of the analysis will exclude a major group of gluten products, it is recommended to conduct a follow-up examination after 4 months. In the usual manner control study conducted in 6 months. Repeat analysis is recommended during the first two years, every six months or a year.

The lack of good sleep

Scientific studies have shown that if a person during the week every night, enough sleep for 2-3 hours, the level of insulin in blood it is consistently above the norm − the sugar level, naturally, constantly below. This creates conditions for the development of insulin resistance (decreased tissue sensitivity to insulin), and may further lead to diabetes mellitus type II.

If to go to bed after midnight have a defective or intermittent sleep on the background of chronic stress, from 23:00 to 02:00 the active phase of splitting of the fat is shortening. In the absence of the recovery process during sleep reduces the metabolic processes. And this not only prevents the normalization of weight, but also contributes to the attainment of extra pounds.

Insufficient amount of fluids you drink

Water is a basic vehicle that is involved in the process of removal of toxins and products of fat digestion from the body. And it takes a lot. The human body is necessary and sufficient 30 grams of pure (well, the key, bottled artesian) water per kilogram of body weight per day. Need to drink water regularly throughout the day and in any case not to forget about it.

If the water in the extracellular space is not sufficient, then allocation of metabolic products of the fat cells becomes difficult. Metabolic processes are slowed down, blocked the breakdown of fats. This means that weight loss becomes impossible – instead, the weight can “creep” up. Note that pure natural water cannot be replaced by a single drink. Tea, coffee and other drinks contain calories and, therefore, are not liquid, and food. So it is a mistake to think that drinking a day, say, a liter of juice and a liter of clean water, you drink plenty of fluids.

State of stress

A stressful situation can lead to hormonal disorders and lead to weight gain. It is therefore important to maintain not only physical but also mental health. After all, the reason of gaining excess weight in the majority of cases is a disorder in the shower. Internal conflict creates tension and anxiety on cellular level, the fetters in body fat pounds of excess fat, toxins, decay products, causing to malfunction chronic stress. It is therefore important to identify the psychological cause of weight gain (this may be the dissatisfaction with their surroundings, relationships with friends, family and co-workers; dissatisfaction with job; a sudden problem that needs to be addressed) and to try to rid of this reason. Remember – everything is in your hands!

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