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Nutrition before and after training: key features

Питание до и после тренировок: главные особенностиThis is an important part of successful training and weight loss.

Active in sports and look after their health? Well done! It remains to understand how well you eat, and whether to make adjustments to their menu before and after workouts.

Actually, those who lead an active lifestyle, know about the value of protein foods to build muscles, as well as about the reduced fat, but what about carbs? We will focus on the fruit that some athletes try to avoid, while others — on the contrary overlap them with great pleasure.

Before or after
Fruits not only possible but also need to eat before training and after its completion. Due to the large amount of carbohydrates fruit quickly saturate the body and give energy. A burst of energy helps you perform the exercises more effectively. After exercise they quickly reset the resource and provide the body with new, the “building” material.

If you’re exercising to build muscle, then 30 minutes before workout should eat one fruit of large size with a low glycemic index (Apple, pear, strawberries or any other berries) and wash down his protein drink.

By the way, foods with a low glycemic index that contain fiber are digested slowly, foods with a high glycemic index contain a lot of simple sugars, quickly give up their energy to the body and require constant “charging”.

Питание до и после тренировок: главные особенности

Carbohydrate window
It turns out that the banana is the most popular fruit in the world. It is not only delicious, but also very useful! And after exercise is doubly useful.

The main reason why eat a banana to replenish energy in the body. After training for a short time need to fill in the “carbohydrate window”.

The carbohydrate window is 35-40 minutes after intense exercise. It is believed that after an active workout the body needs to replenish not only fluid, but also spent muscle glycogen. And one of the good options to close it, and thus give the body extra energy, is a banana. This fruit is rich in natural sugars, which are carbohydrate in the open window, quickly enter the blood and help the body recover.

Grapefruit for weight loss
If you’re trying to lose weight, without of grapefruit is not enough. Scientifically proven fact that only a half of a grapefruit before each meal may greatly affect this process. Grapefruit contains a special ingredient — naringin, which gives the fruit a bitter taste and, simultaneously, accelerates the process of digestion.

Питание до и после тренировок: главные особенности

It is a fruit stimulates metabolism, which leads to a parting with unnecessary weight. In addition, it is useful to control the level of sugar in the blood and helps strengthen the immune system. Vitamin such charge will help to enhance brain activity. From fruit you can prepare the juice and alternate with orange, which is also helpful to drink during exercise. Orange and grapefruit juices are diluted with water in proportion 1:1.

Such a simple and very useful steps to help get rid of excess weight gradually, with health benefits, without experiencing feelings of hunger.

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