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Norway refused deforestation

Норвегия отказалась от вырубки леса

Norway officially announced the implementation of a policy of “zero deforestation”. To save trees, the country refused to use palm oil and other products, for the manufacture of which you need to destroy forests.

For many years Norway has been a consistent policy of protecting the forest, notes National Geographic. In 2015, it sent $1 billion to Brazil, which grows about 60% of the Amazon rain forest. The investment has helped to save more than 85 thousand square kilometers of tropical forests. And in total over the past decade thanks to the support of Norway and several other States in the Brazilian Amazon, the amount of tree felling declined by more than 75%. From 2011 to 2015 Norway with the same objectives highlighted another South American country, Guyana $250 million.

Two years ago Norway agreed with the UK and Germany to join efforts aimed at reducing the volumes of deforestation worldwide, and now the country is officially declared “zero tolerance” to this sector of the economy. There will be no more purchased products, “forest of origin”.

Environmentalists explain that the paper has long been can be made by recycling waste to produce fuel and building materials, there are many other sources, and the need for palm oil is highly questionable. In addition, the state pension Fund withdrew from your stock portfolio paper and pulp, coal and other companies, causing damage to forests.

According to the world wildlife Fund (WWF), for the year our planet loses from 120 thousand to 150 thousand square kilometers of forest.

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