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Nastya Kamenskih revealed their secrets

Настя Каменских раскрыла свои главные секретыThe singer showed how independently putting on makeup and doing hair.

Nastya is a personal YouTube channel, where he regularly shares the video that plays sports and talks all about how she is given to weight loss. But in the new season Kamensky started to share our own “female” secrets to a wider audience is even more interesting than the sports and diet of the stars.

The winner of the most beautiful curls in the country admitted that they sometimes bored her, so she learned to align your hair with a Flatiron and curl big curls. The singer voiced his deft movements in the process of creating a trendy hairstyle so, “Yes, I use the flat iron, and Yes, I learned how to do big curls. Sometimes, you know, I want to get away from her small curls!”. Nastia clearly demonstrated how she manages to cope with his curly hair and to make a universal hairstyle, which the last time we see her at concerts.

Also, the singer revealed some secrets about his makeup that flatters her features. She had dedicated the new edition of his video blog is beauty, for her fans immensely grateful and this is evident by the number of compliments that they left under the video.

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