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NASA astronauts made a fire in space

Астронавты NASA развели костер в космосеOriginally, the scientists wanted to use it to fire a conventional space ship.

Experts from NASA, led by David urban conducted an experiment and ignited a flame in space.

The astronauts did in space waste carrier “Cygnus”.

NASA employees, deciding not to spoil the multimillion-dollar spacecraft, has received permission to experiment and lit a flame in space on the “Cygnus” space carrier of the waste, which was disposed of in the dense layers of the atmosphere. The idea to conduct a study belongs to David Urbano, the head of the team.

In the large compartment Cygnus is placed the cube from cotton and fiberglass, and due to its interaction with fire, the fire burned for eight seconds, eliminating the cube. On our planet this process would take much more time.

Camera, in advance fixed in the carrier, recorded as the fire destroyed the garbage and thanks to the ventilation system was fed with oxygen. The alarm is triggered on the “Cygnus”, reported that the systems are working properly.

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