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Named the secret of eternal youth

Назван главный секрет вечной молодостиScientists were able to figure out how to perpetuate youth.

Spanish geneticists claim that they managed to discover the secret of eternal youth.

They said that the secret of prolonged youth is related to the telomeres – the end segments of chromosomes of living organisms. The extension of these areas in laboratory rodents has led to the fact that individuals of prosily two times longer than their relatives who had normal length telomeres.

The researchers believe that they managed to create a new type mice, because the process of telomere elongation is irreversible. Mice with elongated telomeres lost genetic information at the genetic level. And such change means that after the shortening of telomeres in laboratory, modification of rodents is very unlikely.

It is because of these changes in mice for quite a long time remained young.

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