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Named the oldest civilization

Названа самая древняя цивилизацияScientists have determined which civilization was the oldest.

According to experts, it can be Indian civilization.

Indian geophysicists and archaeologists in the new study cited evidence that Indian civilization may be the oldest in the world. According to experts, it originated 8 thousand years ago, reports Daily Mail, citing Scientific Reports.

In the new study, scientists claim that Indian civilization arose in the 2.5 thousand years earlier than was supposed earlier. If the arguments of the researchers confirmed that Indian culture is recognized as more ancient than the highly developed States of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

The publication notes that the findings of the Indian scientists is based on radiocarbon and optical Dating of artifacts (samples of pottery and animal remains from two archeological layers of civilization that were found in district Fatehabad (India).

Currently, scientists are going to expose their insights to repeated testing.

Meanwhile, the scientists tracked the change in cultural levels, which was associated with climatic fluctuations. This gave the possibility to assume that the decline of civilization has been associated with climate change.

Initially, the Indus civilization were engaged in the cultivation of coarse cereals, later, due to drought, the population was forced to switch to millet and rice which are drought resistant crops. This, in turn, caused a rise in the number of rural population and the decline of the city.

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