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Named basic nutrition rules for people with poor eyesight

 Названы основные правила питания для людей с плохим зрением The rules described in the book “Good vision without glasses”.

Diet plays such an important role in the causes of defects of vision (and its treatment), it is necessary to comment briefly on some of the most significant provisions of the notes by Harry Benjamin in his book “Good vision without glasses”.

We eat in order to be able to exist. It is for this purpose is absorbed by the food. But, it seems that people have forgotten that the only purpose of food and instead to consider the process of eating as a necessary function on a par with breathing and sleep, consider it as a means of satisfying their desires (not just hunger); the main criterion of the value of food becomes what it should contain elements necessary for health, and that food should satisfy our tastes and sometimes the whims.

As ideas about the true purpose of food and the process of nutrition was not adequate, it is not surprising that in most civilized countries at the present time, there is a tendency of creating artificial diets pleasuring as much as possible glance. This led to the purification and demineralization of sugar, bread and cereals (such as rice, barley, etc.), for preserving fruits, meat, fish.

There are a huge number of products such as jams, cakes, chocolate, etc., replaced the natural products — fresh fruits, vegetables, salads, nuts. And even when the vegetables are used in diets, they are always consumed in cooked form and, thus, lose their useful qualities.

Those of us who never thought about such things, it seems that artificial and refined food is quite normal and nothing to worry about. Food is food.

At first glance it seems that everything is in order, especially if you consider that some of the miracles of modern medicine said: eat what you like. But now it is becoming more evident that the artificial and concentrated power in the developed countries is a cause of serious diseases.

Based on this, doctors practicing naturopathic treatment methods, achieved in many countries remarkable success in overcoming such diseases as rheumatism, tuberculosis, diabetes, kidney disease, heart, when conventional medicine refused even to treat such patients as untreatable. A positive effect was achieved by understanding what kind of food should be consumed and in what combinations, to achieve the greatest benefit. Combined with nutrition, we used a simple, accessible means — cold showers, sun and air baths, etc.

Therefore, everyone needs to understand this vital position and especially people with visual impairments.

You should find out a few simple rules.

Most healthy natural food that undergo minimal (if necessary) heat treatment. First of all it’s fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, honey, milk and dairy products, eggs. The time (in season) you have to eat greens — lettuce, turnip tops and beet, spinach, leaves of wild herbs etc to Cook dishes from cereals is necessary, following the rules of cooking: try to cook them for a short time, and “cook” under the warmer. Bread should be consumed less, mainly of flour.

Meat and fish in the diet should be a little every day and quite necessary to exclude canned foods and smoked meats.

Excessive use (3-4 times daily) jams, confectionery, sugar, white bread, sweets, tea, coffee, and meat, fish or eggs leads to the fact that the organism has not time to digest these foods properly and this, in turn, contributes to the accumulation in the tissues, muscles, blood vessels of harmful substances, disturb the function of vital organs — heart and liver.

A large number of disabilities either caused, or enhanced use for many years food that contains much starch, sugar, protein, and in order to ensure a return to normal vision is necessary in addition to the use of different methods of treatment to reconsider your diet.

You must keep in mind the following. It is best to begin your Breakfast with fruits. The best possible Breakfast is a combination of fresh (or dried) fruits and fresh cold milk. No bread or cereal — only fruit and milk.

Lunch — salad (tomato, cucumber, celery, grated raw carrot, etc.) with a diet of bread and cheese. If salads need any seasoning, it can be lemon juice or unrefined vegetable oil.

Eating twice a day similarly, for the third meal you can eat meat, fish or eggs with vegetables, steamed. If you eat potatoes, it is better to cook it in “uniform”.

Never use a condiment and do not take with food. Minimize the consumption of tea and coffee. Eat as natural as possible food. Eat bread only once a day.
If you day drink tea, drink it very weak and without sugar.

Diet based on these recommendations, will soon have a positive impact on overall health and in particular on the eyes.

It should be particularly noted the value of vitamin A, especially for the ability to see well in the dark. Maximum consumption of this vitamin is the necessary daily dose for all cases of impaired vision or eye diseases any kind (especially night blindness).

The best sources of this vitamin: cod liver oil cod liver, raw beef liver, raw ox liver, raw spinach, raw turnip tops, dried apricots, cream cheese, parsley, mint, oil, egg yolk, prunes, tomatoes, cheese Cheddar, carrots, cabbage, soybeans, green peas, fresh milk, oranges, pasteurized milk, dates.

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