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Mythical monsters in the legends of different countries of the world. Photo

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. ФотоThey frightened a generation of children.

The human imagination, especially in nightmares, is able to produce the images of horrible monsters. They are from the darkness and instill irrational fear. The entire multi-millennial history of mankind believed in a sufficiently large number of such monsters, whose names have not even tried to pronounce it, since they embodied a universal evil.

15. Yovi

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

Yovi is often compared to better known by Bigfoot, but he is credited with an Australian origin. According to legend, Yovi lived exclusively in blue mountain, in the mountain region, which is located in the West of Sydney. The image of the monster appeared in the folklore of the aborigines, to deter European immigrants and settlers, though there is evidence that the myth has a much longer history. There were people who talked about the meeting with this creature, who is considered the “evil spirit”, although official confirmation about the attack on Yovi people there. They say that when meeting a person for Yovi stops and stares, and then disappears in a thick forest.

14. Giant Anaconda

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

In the era of colonial wars, many myths have emerged or gained new life in different parts of the world. For example, in the regions of South America began to talk about the existence of giant anacondas. These snakes reach a length of up to 5 m, and the body, in comparison with the usual Anaconda, they are much more massive. Fortunately, no one has ever met with such a snake, living or dead.

13. Brownie

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

If you delve into the mythology of the Slavs, it is possible to believe in the existence of such a being, as a house. It is a small growth of a bearded man that can live in a pet or even to possess people. Say that in each house lives a house, which is responsible for the atmosphere in it: if the house is order and harmony, good house, if the house is often a curse, it is an evil house. Evil house is able to arrange permanent accidents that make life unbearable.

12. Bunyip

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

With the head of a crocodile and a dog’s face, with horse’s tail and fins, with large fangs Bunyip is big enough monster that allegedly lives in the marshes and in other parts of Australia. His name comes from the word “devil”, but he is credited with many other qualities. This files most often about this monster spoke in the 19th century, and today it is believed that the creature still exists and lives on a parity relationship with the locals. Most believe that the natives.

11. Bigfoot

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

The creature Bigfoot is known to all. It is a large creature that lives in different parts of the United States. He is very tall, his body covered with hair of black or brown. They say that upon meeting him, people petrified in the truest sense of the word, being under the influence of hypnosis. There were people who testified about when Bigfoot took the people with him into the woods and kept them in his den for a long time. True or not, but the image of Bigfoot strikes fear in many.

10. Jikininki

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

Jikininki is a special creature, born of Japanese folklore. In the past it was the man who after death was transformed into a horrible monster. Many believe that this Ghost, feeding on human flesh, so people who believe in it, deliberately avoid visiting cemeteries. In Japan believe that if a person is very greedy in life, after death turns into jikininki in punishment and suffers eternal hunger of carrion. Externally jikininki look human, but with a disproportionate body, with large luminous eyes.

9. Yeti

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

This creature has Tibetan roots. The researchers believe that Bigfoot crossed into Nepal on the trail of the displaced peoples of the Sherpas, refugees from Tibet. Say he’s wandering the neighborhood, occasionally throwing huge stones and whistling terribly. Bigfoot walks on two legs, his body covered with light hair, and his mouth dog’s canines. And ordinary people, and researchers claim that met with this creature in reality. Rumor has it that it enters our world from the afterlife.

8. Chupacabra

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

The Chupacabra is a fairly small creature, but can cause a lot of problems. For the first time this monster began in Puerto Rico, and later in other parts of South and North America. “Chupacabra” means “sucking the blood of goats.” Is the name of the entity received as a result of the large number of unexplained deaths of livestock of the local population. The animals died from loss of blood, through bites on the neck. The Chupacabra was spotted in Chile. Basically, all evidence of the existence of the monster oral, no body, no photos it is not. Alive to catch a monster too, no one has, but it is very popular all over the world.

7. The gevaudan-the werewolf

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

In the period from 1764 to 1767 France lived in great fear because of the werewolf, or wolf, or dog. They say that during the period of its existence, the monster made 210 attacks on people, of which killed 113. Nobody wanted to meet him. The monster was even opened by official hunting by king Louis XV. Many professional hunters tracked the beast to kill, but their attempts were futile. As a result of his enchanted bullet killed a local hunter. In the belly of the beast were found human remains.

6. Wendigo

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

In the mythology of the American Indians there was a bloodthirsty creature, the wendigo, the product of curses. The fact that the myths of the Algonquin tribes it was argued that if the life of man was a cannibal and had eaten human flesh, it is transformed after death into a wendigo. Said that he can enter the mind of any person taking possession of his soul. Wendigo three times higher than a man, his skin decays and bones to bulge outward. This creature is constantly hungry and craves human flesh.

5. Goalanda

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

The Sumerians, the representatives of ancient, but well-developed civilization, created his epic, in which he talked about the gods, goddesses and their everyday life. One of the most popular epics were “Epic of Gilgamesh” and stories about being Guglani. This creature is in search of a king killed a large number of people, destroyed the city. Goalanda is the bull-monster, which the gods used as an instrument of revenge to the people.

4. Mananangal

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

Like the vampires, this creature is in constant thirst for blood. It also devours the human heart and has the ability to detach the upper part of his body and infiltrate into people’s homes, especially in homes where pregnant women live, to drink their blood and steal the baby with the help of his long tongue. But this creature is mortal and he can be killed, sprinkled with salt.

3. Black Annis

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

Black Annis, as the embodiment of evil, known to all in Britain, especially in rural areas. She is the main heroine of the local folklore of the 19th century. Annis have blue skin and scary smile. The children had to avoid her because she ate the children and the sheep by force or deception were taken from their homes and yards. From the skin of children and sheep Annis did the belt, which then bore the dozens.

2. The Dybbuk

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

The worst of the worst, the dibbuk, is the main character in Jewish mythology. This evil spirit is the most cruel. It is capable of destroying any life and destroy the soul, thus the person will not realize what is happening to him and gradually die.

1. Koschey

Мифические чудовища в легендах разных стран мира. Фото

“The tale of Kashchey the Immortal” belongs to the mythology and folklore of the Slavs and talks about the creature that you cannot kill, but which spoils the life of all. But he has a weak spot in his soul, which is at the end of the needle, which is hidden in the egg that is inside a duck, inside of which sits a hare. Saccadic in the strong chest at the top of the highest oak growing on a fabulous island. In short, the journey to this island is difficult to call pleasant.
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