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Mitrokhin proposed to ban officials from rental and leasing expensive cars

Митрохин предложил запретить чиновникам аренду и лизинг дорогих автомобилей

Member of the Federal political Committee of the party “Yabloko” Sergei Mitrokhin sent an appeal to the Chairman of the government Dmitry Medvedev with a proposal to ban officials from rental and leasing of cars exceeding the requirements of government regulations. This was reported by “Rosbalt” in press service of the faction.

According to representatives of the party “Yabloko”, after the introduction of Russian officials to limit the purchase of cars due to the budget, they began to rent or lease. In this issue distinguished the Moscow region, said in the faction. “So, for the purposes of Administration of the Governor and the Government of the Moscow region was declared a purchase with an initial maximum price of 165 million rubles. All required 172 of the vehicle. For the needs of public authorities of the Moscow region had 438 cars with a starting price of about 503 million rubles,” — said the press service.

“This practice reduces the efficiency of government procurement and contributes to an unjustified overstatement of expenditures. The ban is set for cars so the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov decided to choose the helicopter”, — said Mitrokhin.

It is noted that for the needs of the Governor in 2016 have been rented helicopter “Agusta AW139 No. RA-01987”. The rent is more than 1 billion rubles. “I believe the Governor should not use such an expensive helicopter,” — said Mitrokhin.

The politician also plans to appeal the FAS, and to develop amendments to the legislation that will introduce officials to the strict measures of responsibility for embezzlement of the budget, said the press service.

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